Event Information:

  • Sun

    Free Play - F49 at Old First Concert Series

    4:00 pmOld First Church, 1751 Sacramento Street, 94109

    Quartetto for four winds (flute, oboe, Eb clarinet, Bb clarinet) and piano - Amilcare Ponchielli
    Kleine kammermusik for woodwind quintet - Paul Hindemith
    Trio for flute, bassoon, and piano - Chick Corea
    St. Louis Blues (World Premiere) - David Hart
    Mládí for woodwind quintet + bass clarinet - Leoš Janáček

    Woodwind ensemble Frequency 49 delves into the idea of “play” in a program of classic woodwind repertoire by Paul Hindemith (Kleine Kammermusik) and Leoš Janáček (Mládí), humorous jaunts into the realm of opera buffa by Amilcare Ponchielli and jazz-flavored “tunes” by the great Chick Corea and Bay Area jazz arranger and composer David Hart. San Francisco world-class pianist Mack McCray and clarinetist Sarah Bonomo join F49 in discovering a sense of free play and improvisation through the language of written music.

    From Stephen Nachmanovitch’s book Free Play: “There is an old Sanskrit word, Lila, which means play. Richer than our word, it means ... the play of creation and destruction and recreation ... . Lila is both delight and enjoyment of this moment. Lila may be the simplest thing there is -- But as we grow and experience the complexities of life, it may also be the most difficult and hard won achievement imaginable, and its coming to fruition is a kind of homecoming to our true selves.”
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